Transport is more than applying a carrier label to a carton/pallet, it is (more) about: The availability of (shipping) capabilities & competences, managing processes, performance, quality, supporting operations, meet stakeholder requirements, delivering customer satisfaction, communication and visibility.

Transport Management has become a core competence or requirement for many companies, a success factor in executing business and engaging with customers, a way to differ from competition and be successful. Transport has changed into a product characteristic on which people decide where to buy the product. Product characteristics like reliability, availability, quality, service, information, communication are key differentiators.

Besides the increase of customer requirements, the transport landscape changes fast. Your supplier & customer base globalizes, legislation and compliance requirements increase and the transport market is volatile (capacity & costs). This all requires state of the art Transport Management capabilities to address the challenges you face.

In full control of your shipments

with our Control Tower and Carrier Gateway.

EYES ON TRANSPORT provides these Transport Management capabilities and competences supporting companies in acquiring and executing transport as a core competence in order to gain competitive advantage and deliver state of the art service and performance against lowest total costs of ownership.

We support your organization with GLOCAL Transport Management,     locally executed by specialists, globally supported by experts, using our harmonized set up, processes, information, reports, visibility.

In our Control Tower we have combined years of knowledge to support your business and transport processes End-2-End. It consists out of a TMS for Delivery Management as well as Value Added Services and Solutions to strengthen your organization. With our Control Tower we have a focus on managing transport, processes, partners, information and communication.

We integrate and provide an omni-channel gateway to your suppliers, customers, carriers. Integrating with ERP/WMS/TMS/Online and other relevant applications, delivering excellence to you.

Our Control Tower, Services and Solutions, delivers you “a ready to go, tailor made set up”, supporting your current business and enabling your future business, meeting your customer requirements. You skip learning curves, start benefitting immediately and therefore enjoy a fast and high ROI.

We support your business with our TMS capabilities during your whole transport process and support printing any label, at any location and at any time, to guarantee full flexibility and high quality.

We offer unique standardized solutions with unique concepts, tailormade to our customer’s needs. Customers often have an international, multi site, multi client (brand), multi carrier set up and would like to have 1 visibility, 1 reporting, 1 communication, 1 integration, 1 process, 1 access to carriers, etc. Other characteristics can be high volume, high value, high complexity, high visibility  & customer service requirements.

Delivered BENEFITS in area of: Visibility, Lead Times, Performance, Costs, Compliance, Processes, Communication, Satisfaction, learning curves, ROI.

Modes of transport supported