To excel as organization in transport, it is important to have the transport processes (internal and external) under control. Other than a proper IT set up and integration with external systems, one also needs excellent collaboration with partner(s) and focus on support.

1st Tier support, contacts with your clients and carriers in regard to shipments, whereabouts  and other questions, will be taken care of by your organization. To think of are Order Management, Sales Support, Customer Service, Operations/Transport, this depending on your organizational set up.

2nd Tier support, our Back Office, is the back bone for operational transport success. Here is were specialists support your organization to excel with a proper set up of systems, training and support of organization and ironing out issues with partners.

Our Back Office offers additional 3rd tier Value Added Services to be able to get maximum benefit and result from your set up.

Your organization might be too busy with operational issues and support. In that case it is a good option to outsource this. With carriers we can engage solely. With clients, we always communicate via your organization, though we prepare / execute / document the escalation and support communication as well as meetings with customers or carriers.


Back Office Basic is standard included in our offering. Only in this way we can assure that system & set-up is up and running as it is meant to be.


Your Control Tower set up is monitored continuously. Via regular checks, we check data flows, interfaces, usage of Control Tower, etc. In addition we maintain master data related to whole Control Tower set up in our Back Office.

Customer Service

We provide 2nd tier support on operational questions, this to support & strengthen your operational organization. There will be situations/questions where your 1st tier support organization does not have an answer or simply needs help clarifying situations.


Basic training on site is provided while establishing the Control Tower set up. This is extended with training on demand via online sessions where situations requires. The better your organization is trained on actual situations the more value can be delivered by your organization.

Freight Audit

Our Control Tower contains a Freight Audit tool. We set up rating, execute the invoice audit and provide a delta report to you. Final approval is made by your organization. A proper Freight Audit is key for continuous improvement in many ways.

Masterdata Management

Changes to masterdata is included. One can think of lead time changes, rate tables, business rules, etc.


Back Office Basic can be extended with additional operational Value Added Services to support your organisation.

Escalation Management

Escalation Management starts with prevention. Our Control Tower offers standard the tools and visibility required to act pro-actively on situations occurring. Yet not all escalations can be prevented though one can make sure that they are taken care of properly.

As escalations are not the same as a standard inquiry, they need to be taken care off in a separate process, preferably within a team with different priorities and who have time to address these in a timely and quality manner. Not addressing escalations timely or in a quality manner, or not at all, drives escalations to Sr. Management.

Within Eyes On Transport Back Office, we offer Escalation Handling Services with your partners, (carriers & clients). Via agreed processes we analyse situation, take care of answers and document outcome. We provide in a responsive way answers towards your organization and manage expectations. This information can be used, after your evaluation, towards your customer. this prevents escalations towards Sr. Management.

Within the Escalation Handling Services we also can take care of priority customers for a certain period in order to calm situation if required.

In this way you can serve your clients, meet and exceed expectations.

Claims Management

Mistakes happen as a normal part of doing business, everyone knows and understands. It is about how you take care of it and prevent negative effects.

Claims should be made within a “reasonable” time period to be valid, especially in case of questionable circumstances. The less time between “delivery/occurrence” and claim the less questionable. At the same time, if this time period has been exceeded and it is obvious that the claim is valid, it should not be argued nor the carrier will.

Claims Management according to Eyes On Transport is only successful if situations are investigated fast and decisions are taken fast, in order prevent negative effects for clients. Although carriers often need an investigation period, it should not frustrate claims process, postpone redelivery, etc. It already starts with contracts you have with partners and agreements in regard to this topic.

Claims Management process by Eyes On Transport delivers a responsive and thorough investigation with (preliminary) outcomes which allows you to act and solve the issue. Whether a decline, a redelivery or a refund, in all cases you need to act swift and thorough to delivery answers that satisfy.


We support other transport related processes as well on request.