A chain is as strong as the weakest link, a TMS is as good as it's set up, masterdata and "data" provided via interfaces. Therefore, we monitor and manage our TMS continuously, the baseline for our Control Tower, Solutions and Services provided.

All changes to the TMS will be done by us, tested by us and tested integrated with you. This to assure a perfect performing set up.

Our Control Tower, Solutions and Services, are based on our standardized set up, tailored to your needs. Therefore you are able to benefit from our high performing solutions fitting your business.

Changes to processes, carriers, contracts, etc, we will apply changes to the TMS. If the change goes beyond current standard capabilities, we will try to find a solution for this via extending our standard set up with additional "standardized" functionality. As long as the solution can be altered by changing masterdata or parameters provided via interfaces, the solution is lean as well as agile, high quality can be  guaranteed and additional costs caused by hard-coding are avoided.

We believe our standardized approach delivers best value for money / efforts. It will cover 99,5% of your requirements. For the missing 0.5% we will find a solution.