Our in 3D-designed solutions, deliver “Transport as a core competence and competitive differentiator”, meeting and exceeding your customers expectations.

In many situations, system and transport set ups are carrier based, resulting in carrier dependency, limited options and flexibility. Therefore, delivering to your clients needs, or better, exceeding their expectations, is no sinecure.

Eyes On Transport has a different view on this. We design, deliver and operate state of art Private Distribution Network(s) & solutions, based on customer and other stakeholder needs, and eliminate limitations set by existing TMS set up, other IT set up, by carrier or otherwise.

In our 3D-PDN-Design we combine “Industry Solutions/Standards”, “Service(s) required by your customer” and our “Control Tower Solutions” into new “transport products” which you can offer towards your customers based on “business rules”. Cross fertilization between industry solutions is possible. By establishing your Private Distribution Network, you get in control and reduce dependency on your partners.

Design your future by service oriented decision making, to be ahead of competition.

Design, build and run your own Private Distribution Network and change the game. Our Control Tower, Solutions and VAS supports optimizing and managing processes which enables you to make carrier independent decisions and manage network & partners for optimized results in regard to performance, customer service, costs and compliance.

This all in 1 environment, 1 managed solution, your Private Distribution Network designed in 3D

Using our Control Tower as your gateway (Carriers/Customers/Suppliers), within your WH/Distribution operations, allows you to compile your own solution. A solution based on delivering transport as a service whereas you can offer transport based on among others:

  • Available carriers & services
  • Delivery location and time
  • Required service levels
  • Visibility and communication
  • Costs
  • Mode of transport
  • Reliability
  • Performance
  • Resilience

Private Distribution Networks solutions

Europe in 48 hours

European PUDO Network

European Home Address Network

European Returns

European Earliest Bird

European Express

European Time Definite

European Innight

European Cool-Chain

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