Due to our “standardized” TMS set up with extensive capabilities, which can be tailored to your specific business/requirements, we  support many industries.

Other than supporting carrier requirements in regard to label and manifest, we support your operational processes as well as visibility & communication which is key for any business and through this manage End2End performance and transport related processes.

Quality & industry standards like ISO or GDP are supported.

Some specific applications supported highlighted per industry, though not limited to:


  • Online mix carrier visibility B2B & B2C for consignees
  • Online freight booking portal
  • Online return portal
  • Event based communication with consignees
  • Mobile app for ad hoc shipments / non integrated carriers
  • Label printing (any time, any place), Consolidation, Document printing


  • Carrier/service selection tool for integration into your webshop
  • International PUDO Point selection
  • Click & Collect
  • Ship from Store


  • Mix carrier temperature visibility and monitoring
  • Direct to patient services
  • Performance & service based carrier selection
  • Kali-box lifetime monitoring
  • GDP Compliant

High Tech

  • Value based carrier / service selection
  • Delivery slot process
  • Routing guide


  • Activation of devices “in transit”
  • Contract return
  • ID Check


  • Deliveryslot visibility & monitoring
  • Deliveryslot integration/communication
  • Delivery instructions – behind doorstep deliveries
  • Partner portal
  • Mobile app for non-integrated carriers and signed POD's


  • Online return label creation, including return form
  • Pre-advise returns-volume entering your WH (workload planning)
  • Pre-advise to your system on which returns are expected and when


Just ask us for our capabilities based on your requirements. Processes can be set up, visibility created and monitoring established.