Our TMS, the baseline for your Control Tower, is connecting and managing data from various systems (acting as gateway) and manage the transport related processes and communication from ordering up to delivery to client, freight audit of your partner's invoices and freight invoice creation for customer invoices.

It is the same baseline for all transport decisions & communication with stakeholders/systems, providing required visibility, supporting your clients as well as your Customer Service and Operations for transport related processes whereas labels are provided on demand (at any location in any shape at any time) according to your requirements, supporting OPS processes, including document printing and reports .

As gateway, our TMS is the connecting element between ERP / WMS / TMS / Online / Partner systems supporting your business and enabling your future, supporting B2B & B2C processes, all modes of transport.

Our TMS differs in set up / approach from other systems. We have chosen not to be just a label engine or manage last mile delivery operational. We have chosen to be "in control" of processes, partners, communication and provide visibility. We engage and enable delivering best in class solutions.

This set up allows you to be different, in control and unique.

You gain Logistic Service Provider (LSP) capabilities supporting your business, and at the same time, you would be able to design and manage own solutions based on your partners capabilities supporting your business.

Whether you ship from own logistic operations or you have outsourced your logistics and/or transport or already have a TMS (alike) in place, our Control Tower fits to these set ups as well.

To get in control, one use our Control Tower next to existing set ups for shipping capabilities/solutions, though as well only on top, this for visibility and reporting purposes to be in control. There are various options.

LSP capabilities

As a 4PL/5PL Logistic Service Provider, we offer a variety of services (and combinations of) and design, build and run comprehensive Transport (Management) Networks & Solutions. We bring the best of all partners together in 1 set up allowing you to benefit from this. We offer answers to:

1 Visibility for all

1 Carrier & Client Gateway

Industry Solutions & Networks

Scalable, Responsive & Agile

Quality & Compliance

Adressing Stakeholder needs

A small extract of capabilities / solutions addressed per area of use supporting your business, available for all your ship points across the globe supported by 1 Control Tower, allowing you to be in control.

A proper set up of the Control Tower / TMS in combination with our Value Added Services, allows us to meet your requirements.

Online support

  • Online Check-Out Process
  • PUDO Point Selector
  • My EOT Portals

Order Mngt support

  • Rate & lead time requests
  • Carrier / Service selection
  • Minimum order cost
  • Delivery Slot Management

WH support

  • Any label, at any time, at any place, in any shape supporting WH processes
  • Carrier gateway (label & interfaces)
  • Sorting, Consolidation, Routing Guide
  • Document printing (CMR, DN, Export doc, Client doc, DG declarations)

Customer Service support

  • End2End visibility
  • Exception monitoring
  • Pro-active emails
  • T-Tracking - Multi-leg °C°F visibility
  • Proof of Delivery - ePOD and/or sPOD

Client support

  • B2B/B2C Tracking Portal
  • Client gateway (Visibility, Reports, Interfaces, E-Mails)

Returns support

  • Online return order creation
  • Online approval process
  • Online label printing
  • Online document printing

Finance support

  • Rate Shopping
  • Freight Audit
  • Freight Management

General support

  • Reporting
  • Liability chain visibility
  • Performance reporting
  • Client satisfaction reporting

Completed with our Value Added Services and 3D-Solutions. True LSP capabilities delivered to you via our Control Tower.