Our fully harmonized set up allows you to manage all shipments in near real time, in a multi-carrier, multi-site, multi-client-client set up and work pro-actively on the 2% exceptions which require your attention. Actually, on just 0.2% you must act. The other 1.8% you need to tackle in continuous improvement.

The exceptions and deviations, you need to act on, are highlighted / visualized based on events (not) occurring and business rules defined (by you) in such a way that you are able to act on these before they occur to your customer or are reported by your partner. You can pro-actively act, communicate and work on these before they occur to your clients. Managing expectations, preventing deceptions. Maximum customer service guaranteed.

Eyes On Transport provides various value added services to strengthen your organization's capabilities assuring you get the best results and ROI from your set up.

Warning / Error / Business Rule based pro-active Exception Management based on events (not) occurring. We pinpoint the exceptions so your can act on it.