Skip learning curve and benefit instantly

Our Control Tower contains years of experience running and managing Transport Departments and their TMS set ups in an international environment, multi site, -client, -carrier, -industry, solution delivering high performance, visibility, quality and cost effective / profitable solutions.

Environments supported can be best described with high complexity, high volume, high value, high customer service, high visibility, a mix of different transport processes, omni-channel.

On top of that we have gained experienced in other positions/departments like Operations, Customer Service, Repair, Order Management, etc. Because of that (integrated knowledge) we are able to connect the dots and deliver value to each stakeholder.

By using our Control Tower and Solutions you do not have to reinvent the wheel and you instantly benefit by skipping years of learning curves. Our Control Tower will fit your business and requirements as we will tailor it to your needs within our standard.

Implementing a TMS from scratch within your organization can take years before it is up and running according to requirements. Connecting with carriers (label/manifest/status data) might go relative fast, yet this is only a point of start. To improve quality, hence create visibility, to be able to manage processes and be in control, takes way longer and is more complicated.

We make sure that you will run an end-2-end integrated and tested solution (not to be mistaken with carrier-integration which is just connecting). We integrate and manage partners/stakeholders/data by continuously monitoring whole set up and collaboration. Only the best is good enough.

This is where Eyes On Transport makes the difference, adding & delivering value for you.