Installing Eyes On Transport Control Tower within your organization delivers a lot of added value and ROI, direct and indirect.

The ROI  depends very much on your actual as well as future state and is difficult to put a calculated number on. There are many items which need to be taken into account and a lot depends on decisions (to be) taken by you. Besides savings on freight contracts, there is a lot more value add, often difficult to value. There are savings made, cost avoided and value created throughout your whole organization for all internal stakeholders. Yet there also a lot value added for external stakeholders driving same deliverables.

By using our Control Tower the "game" changes, you get in control, eliminate dependencies and  take decisions to change situations.

While using the Control Tower, some benefits:

  • Our omni channel gateway takes out complexity in your exiting ERP/WMS/TMS/Online environments, which allows you to benefit from our expert set up and at the same time allow your IT to focus on your core business. Your overall IT costs reduce;
  • 365/24/7 support towards your organization and access to information;
  • The increased visibility for all stakeholders delivers on demand reliable information, no rework required and reduces questions;
  • Your processes are improved which results in better process control, less deviations and less complaints;
  • Increased customer satisfaction delivers valuable value add;
  • Address topics to act on throughout your organization preventing and driving out costs;
  • Add value for your organization as well as your customers;
  • The Control Tower and its results support Sales & Marketing in strengthening your Brand;
  • Reduce costs, increase service and performance based on your Private Distribution Network

Check out Stakeholder value for your value add.

If you would like to get more details on ROI for you, we are happy to review your situation, options and benefits.