Our designed solutions deliver “Transport as a core competence and competitive differentiator”, meeting and exceeding your customers expectations.

Delivering to your clients needs, or better, exceeding their expectations, is no sinecure. Often you are limited by your carrier set up and services they offer based on this. Your designs are limited due to this.

Eyes On Transport has a different view on this. We design, deliver and operate state of art solutions based on customer and other stakeholder needs and not on limitations set by existing TMS set up, other IT set up, by carrier or otherwise.

Over the past years  customer behaviour and expectations have changed, this in combination with globalization of supply chains. Customers got used to -I-, whether it is B2C or B2B, they want to be centric. If you cannot deliver this, they will buy somewhere else. It is often buyer market behaviour. Transport therefore has become a product characteristic, a reason for customers to buy at your business.

If you would decide to use our Control Tower for your operational shipping processes, we can support your transport set up to be customer focused, this based on service oriented transport selection instead of carrier oriented transport selection. This opens a whole new world in transport options. Transport options meeting your customer requirements, which often deliver an higher performance and quality against lower total costs of ownership. This we than can extend with specific solutions within TMS supporting your  operational processes delivering required service and service levels. Your clients wants a service, not a carrier.

By increased service and higher reliability your business will grow and prevents customers from moving away.

In our 3D-PDN-Design we combine “Industry Solutions/Standards”, “Service(s) required by your customer” and our “Control Tower Solutions” into new “transport products” which you can offer towards your customers based on “business rules”. Cross fertilization between industrie solutions is possible. By establishing your Private Distribution Network, you get in control and reduce dependency on your partners.  Service oriented decision making your future to be ahead of competition.